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Oak Park Neighborhood Association

"Our Roots Run Deep"


To view the entire airing of Our Divided City (click Here) or the image to the right. 

Meet Michael Price, filmmaker of "Our Divided City" on this edition of the Ruckus, January 14, 2016. If you missed last nights premiere don't fret, it airs again tonight January 30, 2016 @ 6PM. 

Please let KCPT know how you feel about the film by visiting: and posting your opinion of the film.

We've got some deeply rooted problems and issues in our village, and to combat these problems we have to work together, emphasis on work, because all of the lip service has to go! 

There's only so much a person can do individually, but as a COLLECTIVE anything and everything is POSSIBLE!

Please consider becoming a volunteer of the Oak Park Neighborhood Association. You don't have to be a resident, the only prerequisite is having a TRUE desire to make wholesale CHANGE in the status quo. 

We've got a comprehensive plan of action to address a majority of issues highlighted in this film, but it's not complete until we work the PLAN, and we need your help and support to do it. 

Engagement and involvement is what we need now, right now!

Volunteer today and help us in our fight to make our village at-large a safe, prosperous and self-sustaining again! Thanks in advance!

Join the Fight Today, Volunteer!